National Day of Prayer

There is something to say about people who always prayed to the Great One; One who overcomes things in a great way. The authority they carry is strong! I’m asking you to pray for a mighty move of GOD. It’s time and all know that this is GOD’S timing, not man’s.
                                       Dr. Negiel Bigpond

Vision Statement
We the people, the Host People and original Gatekeepers of this great land, come together with one heart and one mind to bring healing to our nation through the Power of Forgiveness and Prayer; We believe that Peace and Harmony is the will of the Creator and the ultimate spiritual and natural order among all His people; Therefore, we proclaim that His Peace will create harmony, unity, and mutual respect and honor among all people and nations.
Mission Statement
To empower the First Nations People to activate the governmental voice of authority rightly given to them by our Creator; by expressing that authority through the gathering of all tribes and nations in Washington DC annually, to pray and intercede for our nation in October.



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Dr. Negiel Bigpond/Euchee
Desiree Baker/Choctaw
Ellson Bennett/Navajo
Chief Kenny Blacksmith/Cree
Mary Faus/Ojibway-Cree
Willie Jock/Mohawk
Debbie Lloyd/Choctaw
Gabriel Medicine Eagle/Sioux
Clifton Pettit/Cherokee
Chief Anne Richardson/Rappahannock
Brent Rose/Comanche
Chasity “Roanhorse” Sandoval/Diné
Martha Schmitt/Potawatomi
Randy & Nancy Wade/Chickasaw



dr. negiel bigpond / euchee

Born November 7, 1949, Dr. Negiel Bigpond is a full-blood member of the Euchee (Yuchi) Indian Tribe. Dr. Bigpond is a fourth generation minister of the gospel. He and wife, of 41 years, Jan have been blessed with three children, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and six wonderful grandchildren.

Having been in ministry for over 30 years as both an evangelist and a pastor, Dr. Bigpond has been fortunate enough to share the gospel with the people of over 140 native reservations. He is currently serving as Apostle of Morning Star Church of All Nations. Dr. Bigpond is a certified drug and alcohol abuse counselor; as well as, an accomplished musician and singer.
Dr. Bigpond played an active role in the development of a joint resolution of apology to Native peoples for ill-conceived policies by the U.S. government regarding Indian Tribes; frequently traveling to Washington D.C. to work with Senator Sam Brownback (Ret.) of Kansas. In light of his tireless work with the resolution, Charisma Magazine named Dr. Bigpond one of the Ten Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2006. His works include his involvement with Native America Justice Gate East of the Mississippi; which deals with land reconciliation in the eastern states. He has graciously received various keys to cities and proclamations from governors and mayors for his works. Dr. Bigpond provides an apostolic covering for many ministries as a member of C. Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles; and is also on the boards of the following ministries:
Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network- Dr. John Benefiel, Chairman
Native American Apostolic Council- Dr. Jay Swallow, Chairman
Native American Resource Network- Jean Steffenson, Chairwoman
National Prayer Committee– – Chuck Colson, Chairman
The Oak Initiative- James Goll, Chairman, Dr. Bigpond has traveled worldwide, evangelizing and representing Christian Native Americans. Inspired by his involvement in Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, he followed God’s direction and founded the Native American Circle of Prayer. NACOP establishes prayer teams who are skilled in spiritual warfare and intercession for the Native people and issues that concern them. Out of this, God gave him Spirit Wind, which is an annual prayer day originating on the focus of the Five Civilized Tribes. Since its founding, it has branched out to include several other Native American Tribes.
God has also blessed Dr. Bigpond with the vision of Two Rivers Native American Training Center, for which he is the president and co-founder. The training center is a Christian military training base camp for the purpose of dealing with occult and territorial enemy strongholds on the reservations, and throughout the U.S.
Dr. Bigpond is host of The Gathering Place on Tulsa, OK channel CW 12/19 and God’s Learning Channel, Midland, TX; and is frequently featured on Light of the Southwest on GLC, Midland, TX. He teaches extensively about land issues and reconciliation. Dr. Bigpond has also published his first book and accompanying workbook titled, Women Warriors.


desiree baker



ellson bennett /navajo

Ellson Bennett is a noted apostolic teacher who travels extensively throughout the United States and the world. Co-Founder of Covenant of Faith, a ministry of many outreaches devoted to meeting the needs of the Indigenous People of America and the world. Along with his ministry, he is also a renowned Native American Artist.
Well-known for his balanced Biblical teaching, Ellson teaches through the extraordinary riches of his Native American Culture. To articulately express the Love of the Creator is the desire of his heart. This is accomplished through outreaches such as: Covenant of Faith Church, Restoration to the Reservation Campaigns, Eagle’s Rest Youth Ranch, REZIOX Youth Ministry, Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministry, Chiefs of the American Indian Network, and the many speaking engagements from Indian Reservations to the Metropolitan.
Ellson is in demand today because of his inspiring messages of victory, faith and vivid illustrations from the Bible. He teaches the uncompromised ‘Word of God’ with power and authority, and with love, delivers the message to the spirit man.Covenant of Faith ministry headquarters is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Hidden Springs, AZ at the mouth of the Grand Canyon.
Covenant of Faith was established in 2005 by Ellson and Debra Bennett and they now conduct meetings across America, along with pastoring in Hidden Springs, AZ on the Navajo Nation. The ministry continues to steadily move forward with the message of hope to all Native American People.
Ellson has ministered to youth and children through movies and videos with Willie George and Kenneth Copeland. Ellson was mentored spiritually by Kenneth Copeland, Willie George, Kenneth Hagin Sr. and Jerry Savelle. In April 2006, Ellson was part of the Centennial Ministry Team at the Azusa Street Centennial in Los Angeles, California.
Ellson is honored to have ministered with Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle, his spiritual nobility. Rhema Bible Training Center, an outreach of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, has impelled their mission students to ascertain wisdom, and knowledge of the ministry of Ellson and Debra Bennett. Ellson ministers to millions of people through Trinity Broadcasting Network of Arizona. Trinity Broadcasting Network has allowed Ellson as a host of the Praise the Lord program to bless, edify and strengthen the listening audience.


chief kenny blacksmith /cree

Founder/Executive Director – Gathering Nations International, a First Nations run and operated registered charitable organization with a mission to achieve meaningful and biblically based reconciliation, healing and unity; training & equipping; establishing ‘houses’ of prayer; and world humanitarian aid.
LIFE Leadership community member with a heart to train leaders in faith, family, fun, finances, freedom, fitness, following and friends.
President/CEO – KLB Resources Inc, a sole proprietorship Cree general contractor company provides multi-skilled general contractor services in community development building projects, economic infrastructure, forestry works, roads and maintenance, special projects in remote or semi-remote sites, construction and project management services.
With 35 years plus of public service experience (Honorary) Chief Kenny has been elected in various leadership positions among others, as Deputy Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees, of Quebec, Councilor of the Cree Nation of Mistissini, Commissioner and President of the Cree School Board. Chief Kenny received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award in 2013 for his public services in reconciliation and healing initiatives.
As Aboriginal Management Consultant, Chief Kenny provides consultant services for Aboriginal general contractors, leadership training, aboriginal rights, negotiations, aboriginal education, aboriginal language and culture programs.


mary faus / ojibway-cree

Mary Faus is a member of North Caribou Lake Band in Weagamow Lake, Ontario where she was born and raised. Mary and her husband Jon reside in Pennsylvania. Mary serves as the current Director to the Reading House of Prayer in her city. Mary along with her husband, Jon serve as Lead Intercessors for their church, Hope of the Nations Christian Centre. Additionally, both serve on the Hopewell Network of Churches Intercession team. Jon and Mary are Key holders and serve as Advisors to the Key Fellowship in Pennsylvania. Jon and Mary are both Alumni at Two Rivers Native American Training Centre in Oklahoma. Mary frequently teaches on the Brave Forces Native American Circle of Prayer and serves as an intercessor.
Mary’s hearts desire is to see Every Tribe pray from a place of Intimate relationship with Yeshua, our tribal King and Judge.


willie jock / mohawk

Willie is senior pastor and co-founder along with his wife Sandy, of New Life Christian Church located on the Mohawk territory of Akwesasne in Northern New York state and Canada. Willie is a member of the Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy and has a heart to see life giving healing centers established on all Iroquois territories, as well as other indigenous settings. Willie and Sandy are part of a First Nations Strategic Warfare Team endeavoring to link up with the church at large to accomplish healing through the power of forgiveness. 


debbie lloyd



gabriel medicine eagle /sioux



clifton pettit /cherokee

Apostle Clifton Pettit is a full-blood Cherokee and is fluent in his Native tongue.  He was born and raised in Marble City.  He and his wife, Pauline, married in 1980, have a son, Shawn, and daughter, Phillena, and three grandchildren, Derek, Daisy, and Raven.   He founded the House of Praise in 1991.  To give back to the community and through Federal grants under the Cherokee Nation, he established the Marble City Food Pantry and the Young Adults Activity Center.  He has been an instructor at both Two Rivers Native American Training Center and Strategic Warriors at Training.  He is a prophetic voice to the Nation.  He travels with Apostle Bigpond on the land issue prayer team which is called to reconciliation and dismantling territorial spirits on the land.  He also serves as OAPN Sequoyah County Leader.
Clifton has worked with men in the faith such as John Bennefield, Lou Engle, Jay Swallow, Negiel Bigpond and many. many others. The revelation he carries needs to be heard in this hour and for preparing the Native Peoples as the Sleeping Giant Awakens.


chief anne richardson /rappahannock

G. Anne Nelson Richardson (born 1965) is a Rappahannock woman, who was elected the first woman Chief to lead a tribe in Virginia since the 18th century.
Nelson was born in 1965 to Chief and Mrs. Captain Nelson of Indian Neck, Virginia.
Anne was elected Assistant Chief to her father in 1980. She served in that position for eighteen years.
In 1989, Anne helped to organize the United Indians of Virginia, which was established as an inter-tribal organization represented by all tribal Chiefs.
In 1991, Richardson became executive director of Mattaponi-Pamunkey-Monacan, Inc., that provides training and employment services for Virginia Indians.
In 1998, Anne was elected the first woman Chief to lead a tribe in Virginia since the 18th century, by the Rappahannock Tribe. She is a fourth generation chief in her family. Under her tenure as Chief, in 1998, the Tribe purchased 119.5 acres (0.484 km2) to establish a land trust, retreat center, and housing development. The Tribe also built their first model home and sold it to a tribal member in 2001. The Rappahannocks are currently engaged in a number of projects ranging from cultural and educational to social and economic development programs. All geared to strengthen and sustain their community.
In 2005, Chief Anne was ordained by Pastor Sally Beckman at Living Waters Fellowship. She, also, became chair of the Native American Employment and Training Council. She was elected as Chairman of the Council, working with the Secretary to further the goals of ‘Indian Country through Labor Programs’.
In 2006, she was invited, along with other Virginia natives, to attend the various ceremonies leading up to the English 2007 events, commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the first permanent English settlement in America in Jamestown, Virginia. Also in 2006, Anne Richardson launched Restoring Nations International, a ministry whose mission is “to restore honor and human dignity by facilitating reconciliation and bringing healing to Native American and other indigenous nations around the world through ministering God’s love, purpose and destiny for those nations.”
Richardson was named one of the Virginia Women in History for 2006.


brent rose


chasity “roanhorse” sandoval / diné

Chasity “Roanhorse” Sandoval is full blooded Diné from the Eastern Navajo Nation.  She has a heart for youth and to share with her Native People the importance of repentance, forgiveness, healing and walking out their unique identity and destiny in Christ in these modern, yet urgent days. These are her focuses of prayer and teachings for *All Nations North America and the Awakened Giant*. She is currently in partnership with TheCall mobilizing the Native Peoples for Prayer and Missions and discipling and training young leaders for tomorrow.
Chasity previously was with the *International House of Prayer* and *Youth With a Mission* reaching Latin America as well as Reserves and Reservations here in the US and Canada. She works with other ministries and teams from the local church body, doing street evangelism, music, media, planting houses of prayer and prayer strikes that involve strategic outreach focuses. She believes the words of Jesus, ”But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.? “ Acts 1:8
Chasity is the Co-Founder of All Nations North America


martha schmitt / potawatomi

Martha Schmitt is an intercessor and has been called to reach Native Americans to come into their full destiny, awareness and spirituality for the Kingdom of God. She is involved with God’s ER (deliverance/emotional/healing) ministry at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, OK. 
She has participated in strategic prayer walks in Washington DC.  Martha and her husband, David, sponsors the “The Redeemed Children Home” in Yangon, Myanmar. Martha is of the Potawatomi tribe.


randy & nancy wade /chickasaw