National Day of Prayer

October 20th, 2017

There is something to say about people who always prayed to the Great One; One who overcomes things in a great way. The authority they carry is strong! I’m asking you to pray for a mighty move of GOD. It’s time and all know that this is GOD’S timing, not man’s.
                                       Dr. Negiel Bigpond
Vision Statement
We the people, the Host People and original Gatekeepers of this great land, come together with one heart and one mind to bring healing to our nation through the Power of Forgiveness and Prayer; We believe that Peace and Harmony is the will of the Creator and the ultimate spiritual and natural order among all His people; Therefore, we proclaim that His Peace will create harmony, unity, and mutual respect and honor among all people and nations.
Mission Statement
To empower the First Nations People to activate the governmental voice of authority rightly given to them by our Creator; by expressing that authority through the gathering of all tribes and nations in Washington DC annually, to pray and intercede for our nation in October.



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Dr. Negiel Bigpond/Euchee
Desiree Baker/Choctaw
Ellson Bennett/Navajo
Chief Kenny Blacksmith/Cree
Mary Faus/Ojibway-Cree
Willie Jock/Mohawk
Debbie Lloyd/Choctaw
Gabriel Medicine Eagle/Sioux
Clifton Pettit/Cherokee
Chief Anne Richardson/Rappahannock
Brent Rose/Comanche
Chasity “Roanhorse” Sandoval/Diné
Martha Schmitt/Potawatomi
Randy & Nancy Wade/Chickasaw